Journal of Scientific & Practical Computing

Part A  


“Scientific & Practical Computing Journal – Part A” will mainly publish original, innovative and creative research results written by young investigators, college or graduate students, or newly graduated PhDs. Individuals from disadvantaged or underrepresented groups in science & technology, including HBCU students, graduates and people from countries where English is not the native language will receive priorities to publish their work. 

The journal is designed to serve young researchers, developers, graduate students and others who are interested in state-of-the art research activities in computing related science and technology.

The journal publishes valuable articles. There are three types of articles that will be considered for this journal:  Research Papers (8-15 pages in length), Short Letters (2-6 pages), and Discussions (6-8 pages). The Discussion section is for works that are not accepted by the journal but can still be printed as a paid publication by the author. The journal will also publish survey articles periodically.  


Topic areas include:


Graduate students and young researchers who are pursuing basic investigations in the areas of computing and computational sciences.


Guide for Authors

Submission of articles

Authors should submit an abstract of their articles electronically by using the journal's online submission and tracking tool at The editorial office will inform the author to send an electronic (PDF) file for further consideration when the article is in the scope of the journal. Authors can send an email to for further assistance. 


Other Information

Articles should be written in English. Submission must not have been published previously (except in the form of an abstract or as part of a published lecture or academic thesis), that it is not under consideration for publication elsewhere. When an article is accepted, authors will be asked to transfer copyright. 


Author benefits

No page charge is made in research paper and letter sections. There is a page charge in discussions section where an author can request to publish his/her personal opinions. The corresponding author will receive two copies the issue where the paper included. A reprint order form will be supplied for ordering additional paid reprints. 


Languages other than English

If your article is written in your native language other than English, you have to provide an Extended Abstract in English. The editorial board may decide to publish your work in your language if it contains the significant contribution.  


Advisory  Board

Dr. Wesley Chu
Distinguished Professor in Computer Science  
University of California, Los

Dr. Raymond Greenlaw
Distinguished Professor of Computer Science 
Chiang Mai University
Armstrong Atlantic State University 

Dr. Corey D. Schou 
University Professor of Informatics
Idaho State University

Dr. ZhenHui Tan
Distinguished-Contribution Research Scientist
Beijing Jiaotong University

Dr. Paul P. Wang
Editor-in-Chief of New Mathematics and Natural Computation
Duke University 


Editorial Board

Li Chen Ph.D. (Acting Editor)
University of the District of Columbia 
Department of Computer Science and Information Technology
Legand L. Burge, III  Ph.D. (Co-Editor)
Howard University
Department of Systems and Computer Science


Area Editors: 

Computer Science and Information Systems, Math and Physics, Engineering, Bioscience, Medical Science, Education, Logic and Philosophy, Geoscience.   
( to be listed)



Staff Reviewers :

Osei Adjei  PhD, U. of BedfordShire (AI)

Alexandre Berred, PhD, Université du Havre (Statistics)

Li Chen  PhD, UDC  (CS, Image Processing)

Jim Chen PhD, George Mason University (Computer Graphics)

Yixiang Chen, PhD, East China Normal University (CS, Fuzzy Logic and Systems)

Wei Cui, Professor, Beijing Institute of Information Technology (Database)

Moses Garuba, Ph.D., Howard University (Database,Cryptography)

Behzad Ghavimi, CEO, (IT) 

Shiping He PhD, Teletronics (Networking) 

Luke Huang,  PhD, U. of North Dakota (Engineering Education)

Cynthia Y. Lester, PhD, Tuskegee University (Computer Science Education, Software Eng)

Liang Liao, PhD, NASA/GSFC (Applied Math)

Chin-Shoou Lin, PhD, Georgetown University Hospital, (Medical Imaging, MRI)

Hassan Reza,  PhD, U. of North Dakota (CS-Software Engr)

H. C. S. Rughooputh PhD, U. of Mauritius (CS-General)

Richard K. Squier, PhD, Georgetown University, (Computer Science, Theory)

Vojislav. Stojkovic, PhD, Morgan State University (Biocomputing)

Zhengwei Yang, PhD US Department of Agriculture, NASS (GIS,  Image Processing)

Liu Yong, PhD Freddie Mac (Math-PDE, Web Programming)

Huanguo Zhang, Professor,  Wuhan University (Cryptography&Coding Theory) 

Yi Zhang PhD, U of Western Sydney (CS-Algorithm) 

Zi Zou Zhao  PhD, Xiamen University (CS-Language) 


Editorial Manager:  B. C. Chen

Staff Editor: N. Chawla etc.

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Ashburn, VA 20146-0238
Tel: (571) 223-5733
Fax: (703) 726-2558