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Scientific & Practical Computing, LLC

Dear Colleagues:


After the success of the first book in 2004, Scientific & Practical Computing, LLC, www.spclab.com is planning to put more original research monographs in public libraries and on the hands of other research scientists. Each monograph published by Scientific & Practical Computing, LLC should have great potential to become a milestone in its field. The publisher’s philosophy on this series of monographs is “quick, rough, and profound.”


You are asked to join us to pursue the great event.   You can be a reviewer or an author. The areas include but are not limited to:


Constructive Methods in Mathematics and Statistics


Computational Methods in Science and Engineering

Process/Procedure design in Economics and Management Science

Soft Computing, Fuzzy Computing, and Other Modern Computing Methods

Programming and Implementations



Any topic in any area is welcome!


The length of a monograph should be managed from 100 to 200 pages. The monograph should have a main theme and each chapter should have a connection to the theme. In addition, all chapters must be connected. The monograph should be written by one or two co-authors. More importantly, the majority of the materials in the monograph should be the author(s)’ own research work.


Each monograph must be self contained or almost self-contained in terms of terminologies and knowledge.


The copyright of the monograph can be held by the author. In such a case, the author must pay some of the editorial and publication fees. The publisher will get 8%-15% of sales. The author can transfer the copyright to the publisher. In this case, the publisher will cover the cost of publication. The editorial cost will be covered by both the author and the publisher based on the quality of the manuscripts.  The author will receive 8%-15% of each sale. The main reviewer will receive 2%-5% of the sales. Usually the distributor and the bookstore want 45-55% of list price of a book.


Please visit our web site to see our first book that is adopted by the Library of Congress. It is also available at www.amazon.com . Send an email to publisher@spclab.com for more information in publishing a monograph with SPC. The authors from disadvantaged groups such as HBCU and the countries where English is not the native language will receive priority to publish their work with SPC.


Do not worry too much about presentation, but put your energy in contents. Do not spend too much time in the format, but put your time on the beauty of formulas.





SPC Publisher