Journal of Scientific & Practical Computing Journal 

ISSN 1936-5020    

Vol 3 No 1 (2009)

"Until you can prove rigorous theorems, you do not fully understand
the meaning of your concepts. --- By Freeman Dyson in "Birds and Frogs


Research Papers

B. Fu, Testing Group Commutativity in Constant Time
S. Fowler And N. Yamada-F, The Computer Science Programs In The UK Higher Education Systems

Survey Papers

L. Chen and O. Adjei, The lambda-connectedness method 


Too few "birds"---Response to Dyson's "Birds and Frogs" 
        Introduce you a great article for all Mathematician and Computer Theoretists. 
Computational Groups and A Theorem by Lipton and Zalcstein


Successful/Achievement Stories

Cook's Theory and the Twentieth Century Mathematics (L. Chen)  

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