Journal of Scientific & Practical Computing Journal 

ISSN 1936-5020    

Vol 2 No 2 (2008)


Research Papers

C. Lin, B. A. Labardi, H. Y. Kim, J. L. Lyons, And F. Berkowitz, Somatotopic Identification Of Language-Premotor Area (PMA) In Language Processing Via fMRI  (Abstract)

Special Issue on Information Security & Privacy
Guest editors Moses Garuba and Rajni Goel

Research Papers

R. Tso,  Signcryptions Revisited: Security Analysis and Improvement Schemes

J. Trevathan,W. Read, R. Goel, Online Auction Deception Using a Shill Bidding Agent


S. Alouneh, A. En-Nouaary, A. Agarwal, Providing Data Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability, and IP Spoofing Protection for MPLS Networks


Noted Reviews

L.A. Zadeh, Factual Information about the Impact of Fuzzy Logic

Successful/Achievement Stories

Spielman-Teng’s Smoothed Algorithm Analysis and Linear Programming


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