Journal of Scientific & Practical Computing Journal 

ISSN 1936-5020    

Vol 2 No 1 (2008)

Table of Contents

Research Papers

M. Eberhard, S. Fowler, Integration Of The Manakov-PMD Equation With Pre-Computed M(w) Matrices For PMD Simula (Abstract)
C.Liu,  A. Blake, L. Burge, The Identification of Ion Types in Tandem Mass Spectra Based on a Graph Algorithm (Abstract)

Student Research Papers

T. Branham, Development Of A Web-Based Application To Geographically Plot Water Quality Data

Noted Reviews

P. A. Laplante, Great Papers in Computer Science: A Retrospective

Successful/Achievement Stories

Daphne Kollerís Uncertainty Research                                          



Industry Connections

 UDC-HOPE2020 Solar-Wind Hybrid Power Station Inaugurated in Ethiopia


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