Journal of Scientific & Practical Computing Journal 

ISSN 1936-5020    

Vol 1 No 2 (2007)

Table of Contents


C. Lin, J.L. Lyons, and F. Berkowitz, Somatotopic Identification of Language-SMA in Language Processing via fMRI 3

Special Issue:  Software Engineering Research and Practice

Guest Editors: Hassan Reza and Emanuel Grant

C. Dubois and J. Mota, Geometric Modeling With B: Formal Specification Of Generalized Maps 9

A. Bahrami, A Management System For Managing Fortuitous Features Extracted From E-Documents 25

A. J. Kornecki and S. Johri, Automatic Code Generation: Model–Code Semantic Consistency 41

R.R. Hashemi, A. A. Tyler, and M. Bahar, A. Chausmer, Dexa Data Analysis: Redundancy And Concordance Issues 51

Noted Reviews

Alan Bundy, Computational Thinking Is Pervasive. 67

Raymond Greenlaw, Larry Snyder  71

Successful/Achievement Stories

Alexander Razborov and P=? NP Problem. 75